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Okay, I don't get it.
I've always washed my hair every day, and so does everyone in my immediate family, so I don't get how this is supposed to work. Do you still WET your hair in the shower everyday and then go through all the combing and drying of it, just without it being clean? Or are you supposed to wear a shower cap or keep your head out of the water or something? Today I kept my head out of the water. I've tried the wetting and not washing thing before and my hair always just still feels dirty to me, and never looks very good and I think "why go through all this effort of combing and drying then?". What do you non-wash-everyday-ers do?

I've always washed it everyday, but now that I have the expensive color in it, and don't want to be spending money to get it re-done often, I want to try to make it last if I can. The last time I got color it seemed to go away pretty quickly. I thought maybe it was because I was using the cheapest shampoos I could find at the time. So I upgraded to a less cheap shampoo, but by then the color was already gone. Yesterday I went to the store to buy some shampoo for color-treated hair, I bought it, but it says "makes color last up to 40 washes!" and I am thinking "only 40 days?!" but of course, 40 washes is a long time if you only wash your hair once a week!

I just can't even imagine doing that though. I also bought some "dry" shampoo yesterday that is supposed to help with oiliness on days you don't wash your hair. I tried it today, it's okay, but when you're used to having fresh clean hair everyday, and never use products in it, it just makes it feel heavy and weird. But my biggest complaint right now is that the shower in the morning is usually the one thing that wakes me up and makes me feel ready for the day, but apparently if I don't let that hot water hit my scalp it's just not the same. I have bad sinuses, and letting it run over my head significantly helps them, and so right now, having showered and used that weird ass dry shampoo instead, I still feel like crap and just want to sleep all day. I do NOT want to feel like this everyday.

At this moment, I think I give up and am going to wash this weird dry shampoo out of my hair and feel like me again and actually be able to start my day for real.
EDIT: And I just did and I feel marvelous. I may just have to give in to the fact that I am someone who just has to wash everyday to feel like myself, color be damned. *sigh*
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