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The show last night was really great. It would have been better had I got to share it with friends, but I can't complain. Unfortunately for me, though, it was really hot in the club and there was barely room to move an arm up to scratch your head had you wanted to...this led to me feeling light headed and since I have a history of fainting I got really worried, especially since I was there alone...and ended up having to lose my place in the crowd to go towards the back of the venue RIGHT before they came on stage...but it beats fainting.

I ended up 3/4 the way back for most of the show, but the area was cooler and there was actually room to breathe and the people back there weren't quite as obnoxious/ in some ways I am sure I enjoyed it more because I was back there. They were attempting to do their new thing where they play a song from every album, but they fell short...they at least missed Factory Showroom from my calculations. But it was all worth it considering they played a Monopuff song and a song from Linnell's "State Songs". I was also really excited that they played "Dinner Bell" considering I had been singing it around the house all day's one of my favorites.

Here's the setlist, which I took from because I couldn't remember all of them or the order they were in, but alas, I am not sure this setlist is right either since I know they played "Why Does The Sun Shine?" and that's not listed. They also followed WDTSS with their new version of it since they now know the facts in the song are wrong...the new version is called "The Sun is a Miasma of Incandescent Plasma".

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Today I was googling TMBG and happened to stumble upon this foreign blog that had a bunch of TMBG songs downloadable. A number of the songs aren't even TMBG but were probably listed as such on whatever program they downloaded them from, but there was one song I hadn't heard before but definitely is Linnell for those of you reading who are TMBG fans, where is the song below from?

-Welcome To The Jungle
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I just got back from seeing Mike Doughty at the newly revamped Chameleon Club. It was the first time I had been there since they had remodeled this winter and I was pretty pleased. The best change they've made, in my opinion, is that they are now a non-smoking venue. HALLELUJAH! That means I don't have to come home and wash every article of clothing I had on and wash my hair before I go to bed now. The changes they made weren't really all that major. They used to have a small "lounge" on the bottom floor and now it's not there and there's a bunch of security exits and stuff instead...and they moved the sound booth and put a new larger bathroom upstairs on the same floor as the stage, which was also much appreciated. I used it and I actually said "holy crap!" when I walked in because it had like 8 stalls (they used to have 2 or 3) and was so clean. I could also tell they re-painted and put in new rubber flooring. All in all the changed weren't that noticeable to the general concert goer I would say, but it also looks like they probably did a ton of re-modeling in the behind-the-scenes areas.

The concert was good, but not great. Some weird ass band that were all wearing fake beards came on first and played weird music as the bass player made strange noises into the mic, hardly anyone even clapped it was so odd, some people were laughing though, I couldn't tell if they were trying to be funny or not. Then Mike Doughty came out to introduce his opener, The Panderers, who were pretty good, and...the bass player and the drummer were members of the bearded weirdos. And then when Mike Doughty finally came on they were also in his band, as well as the keyboardist who had also been in the bearded weirdo. The keyboardist amused me because he had this silly grin on his face the whole time....maybe he was high, heh. But the concert was just okay...he played a number of his new songs and then some others I didn't recognize...but none of my favorites, I don't think he played anything but "Bottom of a Well" from Haughty Melodic. For shame!

Pictures from the show:
  • Doughty #1
  • Doughty #2
  • Grinning keyboardist
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    So I went to see Jesca Hoop play at the Chameleon Club tonight. She opened for Matt Pond PA, who I think is boring. The show is still going on actually, it is broadcast live on WXPN, so when I got home I was able to turn in and hear Matt Pond PA playing, but I just turned it off because, as I said...blah.

    It was really nice. My mom arrived home from New Hampshire around 7pm, we said quick hellos and then dad and I went to get something to eat since we had wanted to wait til she got home, but she had already eaten. So we got something fast and then I left the house around 7:30pm to go downtown. The doors opened at 7pm, the show started at 8pm, but I wasn't too worried. So I parked and got inside (it was a free show, so all I had to pay was the $3 for parking) by 7:45 and was able to get a spot in the 2nd row from the stage since I was just one person and since most people weren't there to see her they had not packed in tight in preparation for the show. Since it was broadcast live it had to start right on time, so she was being introduced right at 8pm. She played a great set, but short...only like 6 songs. When she was done I made my way back to the merch table as she had said that people should stop back and say hello, so I went back there and waited. it had been very crowded back there with random people sitting around waiting for the show and drinking, but shortly after I squeezed my way to the table a security dude told everyone that if they had an alcoholic drink they had to get away from the merch table, which left me the only one there, heh. She finally showed up back there and the crowd started to build again (everyone around me during the show seemed really impressed by her...this NPR-listener looking older guy behind me called "Seed of Wonder" Russian-reggae, heh, he also said her voice gave him chills, I concure, she did an amazing Billie Holliday-esque song that wasn't on her album, perhaps it WAS a Billie Holliday song for all I know).

    Anyway, yeah, so I had her sign my CD liner, told her how much I loved her album and I was out of there and in my car and HOME by 9pm. That's the way to do a concert. Man, I used to get so tired and worn out at shows after having to drive hours to get there, then waiting in line to get in, and then standing waiting for the show, and waiting through the opener and through the was just a long and tiring process. This was short and sweet. Not to mention that the XPN crowd is older and more sophisticated looking. I would definitely wager that the mean IQ of the show tonight was higher than most I've been to. Perhaps this is just because the crowd was older, XPN is more of an NPR type of thing if you ask the listeners are educated, liberal and cultured folks. Anyway, a very good experience, no annoying drunks, no pushing, and very few cigarettes being smoked in my vicinity which was much appreciated. Though having to walk through the bar area to get to the merch table still left me reaking of smoke and I had to change all my clothes when I got home, and i think I will probably take a shower now too as I can still smell it in my hair.

    And I took one photo at the show...
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    I went and saw The Mountain Goats tonight. The performance was great and I loved the audience/band banter, it was a good time. The problem for me was with the crowd. I am getting worse and worse at being able to deal with crowds and just people in general. This is why I usually like to be in the front of a show so that all the stupidity can happen behind me and I don't have to deal with it and can focus on the music. I hate rude people, I hate people who don't use courtesy and who think they deserve things...I don't know if I am becoming more critical or if people are just becoming more obnoxious, but either way, I am having a harder time dealing with them.

    But I was thinking...when going to see a film it is always a non-smoking experience. People are reluctant to get up and leave for a drink in the middle of the movie...they get what they want before the show usually and even if they want another they realize it'd be rude to make people move and interupt there movie-going experience so they can have another box of Goobers. It is supposed to be quiet during the show, often even the opening of the movie mentions being quiet and courteous. Also, typically if you go to a movie (most people, there are jerks everywhere though) you do not just stand to the side and talk to your friends the whole time, people think "why spend $8 and not watch the movie?" and you don't come in late to a movie, you go early to get good seats, you go when the lights are on and you can see where you're going and your head won't be in the way of people watching the movie...I guess I just wish the same rules applied to concerts.
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    I just got back from Lobsterfest. I decided to go, I'm so glad. Often times I would just not go because I had no one to go with (I did ask a few people from school if they were going and they said no) but I was in the mood to do something and have been feeling sort of social and stuff lately now that I am feeling better.

    I wasn't sure where it was so I drove around where I THOUGHT it was first...sure enough, there it was. I was disappointed with the turn out, there were probably about 100-150 people there total. Considering all the bands they had to pay to play, that is really shitty. I had to drive back around for parking and had to drive down the major party street in town and there was a party at every house, it was dumb. All these drunken lame asses when there's free live good music 2 blocks away.

    I got there in time to see the last 2 and a half songs Saturday Looks Good to Me played and then as I was sitting there by my lonesome I saw a familiar face walk by, a guy from my department (Joe) , someone I hadn't thought to ask. He was there alone too, so I went and sat with him and he seemed glad to not have to be alone as well, so it worked out well. Soon after that, Owen, pictured here for [ profile] plathgirl41, came on. He was cool, he was having some technical troubles and stopped mid-song often to just ramble to the crowd and stopped for a lengthy time to tell jokes. After he went on Matt Pond PA came on, we didn't have to wait too long. They were pretty good, but as I always felt about them, there's nothing special drawing me in, it's just sort of generic, but decent, rock music. Matt Pond himself seemed like a bit of a jerk as well.

    I am glad I went, it was so easy to get to and convenient and I was home before 10pm, I gotta love a concert that gets me home before 10pm...hah, I'm a square.


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