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I have always loved this song, despite the criticism of this album and her "selling out". I figure, it's one thing if someone sells out but the record is still enjoyable at least...unlike Liz's latest effort which is both a sell out and crappy...that's not acceptable. But then again, as Juliana says, it's not a sell out if nobody buys it. Anyway, I've really enjoyed this album, particularly this song, it was an early favorite.

I have even more reason to like it now as I seem to really identify with it lately.

Consider this your "song of the month":

Liz Phair - "Rock Me".
( link)
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It's after midnight, it's Valentine's Day.

A sad girl's Valentine's Day mix...
I am not sure what possessed me to put this together. It started out as a reincarnation of my "Anti-Valentine's Day" theme from my radio show back in college the one year with songs about being bitter about love...then it morphed into a "A bitter girl's Valentine's Day" which was about cold-hearted bitches out to please themselves, and then...of course, as is typical Anne fashion, it got back around to melancholy girl music. There's just too many great sad girl songs not to end up there. I'm biased.

These are all links you have to follow and can't just download directly, sorry man.

Azure Ray - "Trees Keep Growing"
Lois - "February 15"
Brandi Carlile - "Throw It All Away"
The Pierces - "Give It All Back"
Juliana Hatfield - "When You Loved Me"
Tanya Donelly - "Manna"
Trespassers William - "Lie In The Sound"
Fiona Apple - "Carrion"
Vienna Teng - "Between"
Hem - "Leave Me Here"
Jonatha Brooke - "Because I Told You So"
Regina Spektor - "Samson"
Broken Social Scene - "Lover's Spit"
Neko Case - "I Wish I Was The Moon"
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Song of the month?
Well, it's February 1st, so we can call it that.

Sometimes I actually have to give myself permission to listen to a well-loved album of mine, because I guess I feel like I have SO much music to listen to, how can I go back to the old favorites, there's simply so much to listen to. But so often you really need an old favorite and don't want to break a new one in, it feels good to have something you know is going to be great and that you can sing along to.

Tonight on iTunes I got a few songs off Tanya Donelly's "Beautysleep" album and I just really felt like they sounded extra good tonight, tonight was the night for remembering how good she is, particularly this album. Tanya Donelly, as some of you may or may not know, was the founder of the band Belly (somewhat popular in the 90's with their song "Feed the Tree") as well as a sometimes member of Throwing Muses and The Breeders. Anyway, she went solo in the late 90's and came out with the album "Lovesongs for Underdogs" which is quite a good album, there's some lines on that album I still nod my head at and have to smile at how great they are, and the beats, she's got it down, it's a great rock album. Anyway, Beautysleep is her second solo effort, and a personal favorite. She's put one out since then (Whiskey Tango Ghosts) which I was disappointed with, she's got a powerhouse voice, well, it's a strange voice that can both wail and whisper impressively and effortlessly, let me tell you, after seeing her live...I was blown the hell away, wow...when you stop dancing and just sorta stand there slack-jawed because you're hearing her fill a venue with this noise that you were unaware was possible, and is impossibly beautiful. But I digress...Whiskey Tango Ghosts is more folk, and I love folk music, but it just doesn't show off her talents.

The song "The Storm" from Beautysleep really hit me tonight. Lately I've been a bit down, disappointed with life, with other people and just feeling like "why do we bother?". This song just gives off this great feeling of a story. I imagine two people, both confused, not sure what they want, perhaps fighting because they're confused about how they feel, both fighting it, both not sure how the other will react if they let their guard down, partying to numb the pain, acting stupid, causing drama between themselves, always wearing these facades pretending they don't really care, that they really aren't the vulnerable creatures in need of love that they really are...but after tripping through life on their own mistakes and their own misgivings when they finally fall off, it's into each others arms, they let go. It's been such a fight to hold it in, to pretend they don't care...what a relief it is to just give in to each other.

Can it be that this storm has passed?
I want this to be what growing up is.

Tanya Donelly - "The Storm" ( link)

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I used to TRY to do "Songs of the Month"...I am going to try to do it again whenever I remember or feel like it. This time around I think I will do a whole artist profile as this particular artist has a number of songs available on his website for download, but I am uploading another few to as well. So without further ado...

Denison Witmer (website)
Denison Witmer was someone I had never heard of until I had one of my favorite concert experiences ever. I went to see The Innocence Mission, one of my favorite bands that also happen to be from my hometown of Lancaster, PA (I didn't even KNOW this when I got into them, so it was a pleasant surprise). They played a concert at a local venue much to my delight and I was able to go alone and stand up front and just have one of the most beautiful experiences I've ever had. But before I get ahead of myself, this guy, Denison Witmer, opened for them, and they acted like he was a good friend of theirs and he was also from the area, now living in Philadelphia. Very cool. At the first show I didn't think much about it as I was too excited about seeing The Innocence Mission for the first time. The second Innocence Mission show I went to at the same venue he opened again. This time he began his set with a song that grabbed me right away, and I was lost, I had to buy the CD after his set, and I did, and boy am I glad.

Since then I have bought another of his CDs and have a number of songs from his other albums via his website or from compilations or whatever. I love almost everything I have heard by him. Some reviewers call him "the new Elliott Smith" and though I can see why someone might say that, as he has an amazing ability to write very simple but very heartfelt alt-folk songs, there is a way more optimistic feel to Denison than to Elliott, even in his voice, it's almost James Taylor-esque (well, except I don't like James Taylor, so maybe not). The lyrical skills are impressive and the feelings I get from the songs are lovely. I think in the future he will get more well-known as his talents are immense. And it makes me so happy to think that this talent is from my area...and in songs like "Dain" hear him mention intersections and think "wow, I know where he's talking about", it's splendid.

As it is, here are a few tracks of his that are available on-line, as well as the song that made me love him "The 80's" and another favorite.

Denison Witmer - "The 80's" (YouSendit link)
Denison Witmer - "Dain" (YouSendit link)
Denison Witmer - "24 Turned 25"
Denison Witmer - "Simple Life"
Denison Witmer - "Los Angeles"(left click)


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