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The short answer is Wonderfalls and Clone High. I chose them because, though there were other shows that I miss greatly, these were two I felt never got a fair shot, both having only had a few episodes aired before they were cancelled.

Okay, so maybe I didn't actually have writers block, but someone posted this the other day and I wanted to get all fangirl up in here and talk about my answers. But firstly, I need to *squee* about this week's Pushing Daisies, which I missed on Wednesday due to work, but which I finally caught up with tonight. And OMG, so great...I quite literally squeed outloud.
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How could they cancel the best show on television! First Wonderfalls, now Pushing Daisies. There are just not enough people who enjoy the quirky whimsical-ness it has to offer I suppose. It will be missed so goddamn much (by me).

Which brings me to my answers to the above. Pushing Daisies is still on the air, but if you asked me next year I very well might say it. As it is, the show that I can barely finish the question before blurting out is WONDERFALLS! No question. This was my show, no ifs, ands, or buts. The protagonist is over-educated and under-employed, she's bitter and quite often hates people, she has a philosophy degree, her family gets all up in her business, and the show is full of whimsy in the form of talking lawn ornaments, stuffed animals and souvenirs. Jaye Tyler, lives in Niagra, NY and works at a gift shop called Wonderfalls, she lives in a trailer park in a trailer her grandmother willed to her, makes snarky comments about everyone with her best friend, and falls for the local bartender. It's all fairly normal until somehow fate picks her to have things talk to her and have her do things to do good. So now this bitter no good-doer people hater is forced to "get off her ass" and do things because things are talking to her, all the while she believes she may be going crazy. It might sound odd, but the show is so great. It only got 4 episodes aired back when it was on Fox (on Friday nights of all times, it didn't stand a chance), but the DVD allowed us to see the rest of the season at least, though it only left me wanting more.
I give you, the first part of the first episode of the show:

And if you're interested in seeing the whole episode, here is the second half of that episode.

My second answer would be Mtv's short-lived animated series, Clone High.
It came on after Real World back in 2002 I believe. At first I thought it was kinda lame, but then I got into it and realized that it was kinda brilliant. The series is explained all within it's theme song which goes something like this: Way way back in the 1980's/Secret government employees/ Dug up famous guys and ladies/ And made amusing genetic copies/ Now the clones are sexy teens now..."
Basically, it's making fun of all the teen dramas like 90210 and Dawson's Creek and the like, but instead of actors that look like models, it's a high school full of clones of famous people. So the main characters are Abe Lincoln (voice by Will Forte), Joan of Arc, Cleopatra, Gandhi and JFK. Many of the voices are done by the actors of Scrubs. JFK is the jock and the cool guy, Cleopatra is the super sexy cheerleader, Abe Lincoln is a geek trying to win her heart. Joan of Arc is a sorta goth girl and Abe's best friend who's trying to get him to notice her, and then there's Gandhi, Abe's friend, and a total party animal...pretty funny. All the while, the school is run by an evil scientist and his beloved robot who has more human feelings than the scientist. The show was just friggin funny, and instantly quotable. It also had some hilarious guest appearances by celebrities like John Stamos, Luke Perry, Jack Black and Marilyn Manson. I really think it could have been a cult hit had it been on Adult Swim or something, but it was just the wrong time, wrong channel and wrong audience. But supposedly it was cancelled because there was a lot of Indian folk who were pretty upset about how Gandhi was portrayed, which I guess I can understand, but it's a joke because everyone knows he wasn't like that. Again, had it been on Adult Swim it wouldn't have been an issue I don't think.
Here is a sample.


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