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I had been thinking about making a mix of some of my old favorites for months now. I belong to a mix community on here, and they post great mixes, but it's all newer stuff as most of the members are younger than me. People seem happy to discover bands they've not heard of, but most of them are new. So many of these (mostly girls) could discover some from the years before they came of age. So I thought I'd share here as well.

I see younger people happy as can be,
But not especially happier than me.

-that dog.

1. Juliana Hatfield - "Universal Heartbeat"
2. Letters to Cleo - "Wasted"
3. Tracy Bonham - "Bulldog"
4. Throwing Muses - "Counting Backwards"
5. Madder Rose - "Almost Lost My Mind"
6. Frente! - "The Destroyer"
7. Echobelly - "Natural Animal"
8. Artificial Joy Club - "I Say"
9. Velocity Girl - "Tripping Wires"
10. That Dog - "Retreat From the Sun"
11. Liz Phair - "Cinco de Mayo"
12. Veruca Salt - "Loneliness is Worse"
13. Belly - "Seal My Fate"
14. Garbage - "Supervixen"
15. Bettie Serveert - "Rudder"
16. Jale - "Blue"
17. L7 - "Shove"

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Been working on this mix for about a week now.

Just a summer indie rock mix.

1. Givers - "Up Up Up"
2. Deep Sea Diver - "New Caves"
3. The Oh Wells - "I Hate The Sun"
4. FM Belfast - "Par Avion"
5. Rubblebucket - "Came Out of a Lady"
6. The Vaccines - "Post Break-Up Sex"
7. Pink Nasty - "The Pink Album"
8. Miniature Tigers - "Cannibal Queen"
9. Bess Rogers - "See Me See You"
10. The Front Bottoms - "Maps"
11. Jesse Matheson - "Make Out"
12. Grouplove - "Colours"
13. The Lovemakers - "Lets Be Friends"
14. One For The Team - "Hard For You"
15. We Have Band - "Divisive"
16. Treefight for Sunlight - "What Became of You and I"
17. The Tunics - "Radio"
18. Moto Boy - "The Heart Is a Rebel"
19. Natureboy - "Pariah"
20. Ms Mr - "Bones"

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I wasn't originally going to take up space in my LJ with this mix, but after posting it on ZeRO and [ profile] mixshare and getting decent feedback, I thought I might as well share it here too. This is a mix I've had in my "to be finished" folder for months and I finally took the time to finish last night.

Hey, Don't Call Me That! - A mix of names I wouldn't want to be called )
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So, you may have already heard about the It Gets Better Project which is aimed towards LBGT youth who might be considering hurting themselves in the wake of the recent suicides across the nation. Basically, there's a ton of YouTube videos posted from both gay and straight people encouraging these kids that it DOES get better, that high school is NOT the prime of your life as some have said, and that the bullying and hate and despair they're feeling isn't something that they're always going to have to deal with and that they aren't alone in feeling the way they do, and that there is support.

I felt inspired by this movement, as well as by my recent watching of the series Freaks & Geeks for the first time, to make a mix about how you might get picked on and things might not be easy growing up, but that doesn't mean you're not going to grow up to have an awesome life and be way cooler than those kids who are talking smack about you now.

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I was talking to [ profile] aesiron this afternoon about quotes from songs, and I quote Joni Mitchell and it became clear he had never heard "A Case of You". I had to immediately remedy this, so I threw together a mix of some of my favorite or most famous Joni tracks and thought I'd share it here for him to grab, but also for anyone else who has been missing out on Joni's songwriting genius. Enjoy!

A Case of You: A Joni Mitchell Mix
1) A Case of You
2) Big Yellow Taxi
3) You Turn Me On, I'm a Radio
4) California
5) Barangrill
6) For Free
7) Both Sides, Now
8) Woodstock
9) Lesson In Survival
10) The Last Time I Saw Richard
11) Chelsea Morning
12) Free Man In Paris
13) Morning Morgantown
14) Carey
15) The Circle Game

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    I'm going to do something blasphemous.
    I am going to devote an entry to Canadians on the Fourth of July. *gasp*

    It just happened that way.

    So, tonight I was working on my review of Melissa McClelland's new album "Victoria Day" for The Feminist Review website I sometime contribute to. I was making a comparison between her and fellow Canadian (well, McClelland was raised there at least) singer-songwriter Sarah Harmer since her previous work most reminded me of her than any other artist, and I started to think about how much they compared physically as well.

    Then I thought of other Canadian songwriters, and a lot of the ones I listen to have wavy brown hair and gorgeous blue eyes, WTF, Canada?! The suspects in question: Tara MacLean, Melissa McClelland, Sarah Harmer, Sarah Slean, and Chantal Kreviazuk.
    And Sarah McLachlan and Holly McNarland might not have the combo nailed down, but they are honorable mentions.

    But the 3 that really strike me are Harmer, Slean and McClelland, whom look like they could easily be sisters. They should start a sisters trio, I'd buy that album in a heartbeat! Harmer has covered a Slean song before, so she obviously admires her work already. Harmer is like the older mature sister, Melissa is the girl next door type, maybe a middle sister despite her actually being the youngest, and Slean is the more glam and dramatic younger sister.

    proof )

    And my favorite songs by the 3 for good measure.
    Sarah Harmer - "Basement Apartment"
    Melissa McClelland - "Factory (Springsteen cover)"
    Sarah Slean - "Sweet Ones"
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    TWO occasions to celebrate today!
    Firstly, my good friend [ profile] modnar has a birthday today. A very happy birthday to him!
    Secondly, I hit 50,000 listens on! This really has no significance other than it seems like a big (and round) number.

    But really, I just look for any excuse to celebrate with music!
    I wanted to post some music to commemorate it, but wasn't sure what to choose. Then I thought "well, since it's also a birthday, perhaps I should finish up the birthday mix I had been working on for myself for next month NOW and share THAT!", so that's what I am going to do.

    Next month, I turn 30. It's scary and gross, I don't care for it at all, but whatever. It's just a number, right? I keep trying to tell myself that. Anyway, I made a mix for the event.

    Done Got Old: A Mix To Turn 30 To (Sendspace)
    1)Heartless Bastards - "Done Got Old"
    2)Andrew Bird - "The Happy Birthday Song"
    3)Ryan Adams - "To Be Young (Is to Be Sad, Is To Be High)"
    4)The Old Believers - "That's All"
    5)Ben Folds - "Still Fighting It"
    6)Ingrid Michaelson - "Die Alone"
    7)Altered Images - "Happy Birthday"
    8)Tuscadero - "Nancy Drew"
    9)They Might Be Giants - "Older"
    10)The Features - "The Idea of Growing Old"
    11)Zuzu's Petals - "Happy Birthday"
    12)Alphaville - "Forever Young"
    13)Denison Witmer - "The '80s"
    14)Lisa Loeb - "Airplanes"
    15)Maria Taylor - "Time Lapse Lifeline"
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    2009 is going to be a good one, I can feel it. Of course, 2008 seems to have been a downer for almost everyone I know, so how can 2009 NOT be better?

    2008 may have generally sucked as far as life goes, but it gave us some pretty great tunes.

    Some of the most notable from 2008: (Sendspace)
  • Duffy - "Mercy"
  • The Ting Tings - "That's Not My Name"
  • Lykke Li - "I'm Good, I'm Gone"
  • Adele - "Chasing Pavements"
  • Lisa Hannigan - "Lille"
  • Fleet Foxes - "White Winter Hymnal"
  • Jaymay - "Gray or Blue"
  • Jenny Lewis - "Acid Tongue"
  • KaiserCartel - "Oh No"
  • Laura Marling - "Cross Your Fingers"
  • Juliana Hatfield - "This Lonely Love"
  • Ida Maria - "I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked"
  • Robyn - "Konichiwa Bitches"
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    Today is cookie baking day. My main job on cookie baking day is making sure we have plenty of good Christmas music to listen to. Since a few days ago [ profile] verucagonff and I were mentioning Christmas music in comments to another entry I made about classic Christmas songs versus the newer songs I thought I'd take the time to share some Christmas music while I have all my CDs out.

    I thought I'd share some of my favorite non-traditional Christmas songs. Some are classic as far as they were made a long time ago by classic artists, but they are ones that haven't been made and re-made hundreds of times, and/or ones you're less likely to hear on the radio.
    So, here's Anne's non-traditional Christmas mix! Merry earlier Christmas!

  • Cyndi Lauper - "Christmas Conga"
    My college roommates will remember this song. I played the Cyndi Lauper Christmas album during our Christmas dinner together and it was a hit. This song is so fun, I think it's a real shame that the radio's didn't start to play it. It makes me so happy...and how could I not love a Christmas album by the one and only Cyndi Lauper, not even to mention it being called "Merry Christmas...Have a Nice Life", which is awesome.
  • The Mediaeval Babes - "Gaudete"
    Okay, so this is actually more classic than classic, being a Latin Christmas hymn from the 16th century...but good lord is it gorgeous. This is one of the few Christmas tracks I will listen to any time of the year because it's just that beautiful. Plus, the fact that it's in Latin makes it less obviously Christmas anyway.
  • Fisher - "Christmas Face"
    This is one of the few modern Christmas hits that is sort of sad and mopey that I still love. So many of the new Christmas songs that artists I love are putting out are sad and depressing and that puts me off. This one is too, but I think the fact that I also sort of relate to it, having my brother living in California and the song being from Kathy Fisher's perspective living in California when all her family is back in West Virginia.
  • John Lennon - "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)"
    This is a song almost everyone knows at this point and is a modern classic, so maybe it shouldn't apply. But when I think of classics I think of the stuff our grandparents were listening to, so this definitely doesn't apply. Despite it lacking a ton of Christmas content, it always makes me feel the calm happiness that I think Christmas is all about.
  • Doris Day - "Toyland"
    I love Doris Day. There is something about her voice that just makes me happy inside. I think it also lends itself well to Christmas tunes too since it has a clear and simple beauty that makes it feel like cuddling up under a warm blanket on a winter's day. This song reminds me of the wonder that the kids had on their faces when they entered the chocolate room in Willy Wonka. It's magical.
  • The Andrews Sisters - "Christmas Island"
    Another classic artist, singing a not so classic song. The Andrews Sisters always transport me back to the 1930s and 40s, and they always had such a fun way about them and the silliness they often sang. This song is no different. Who sings a song about a tropical island for Christmas? The Andrew Sisters, that's who!
  • Jose Feliciano - "Feliz Navidad"
    Again, this song is a new classic if you ask me. It is both catchy, fun, up-beat and also gives me that particular joy I love of something being a bit kitsch. This, quite frankly, might be one of my very favorite Christmas songs just because of that feeling. It always makes me smile.
  • Darlene Love - "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)"
    Unfortunately, I don't have a lot to say about this one. It's just one of those songs that was an original and I enjoy and makes me feel Christmas-y, but it's not played as often as it could be. Plus it's nice to through a little Motown into the mix.
  • John Denver - "A Baby Just Like You"
    Christmas doesn't really begin until I've heard the John Denver & The Muppets: A Christmas Together album. This album embodies Christmas for me, it's got both the sweet calm feeling that John Denver brings, as well as that childhood silliness of being with The Muppets. This song is just John though, and it's really beautiful.
  • Peggy Lee - "Christmas Carousel"
    I found this song on a music blog a few years back and loved it right away. I've liked Peggy Lee for years, but hadn't heard any of her Christmas music. Apparently, she had a Christmas album by the name of Christmas Carousel years ago, but it was never produced on anything but a record and is hard to find now. But luckily, she has Christmas compilations that include this song so it's not lost and forgotten. Again, having a classic artist sing Christmas songs just automatically makes the song feel classic.
  • Augie Rios - "Donde Esta Santa Claus?"
    Another somewhat silly Christmas tune that's chorus is in Spanish? Why yes! This leaves me with many of the same feelings that "Feliz Navidad" does, except this song is slightly more obscure and a bit sillier if only because it's sung by a child and Santa Claus and his reindeer are quite Hispanic as well.
  • Paul McCartney - "Wonderful Christmastime"
    Yet another Beatles alum who has made a song that now feels classic to me. It's newer than many, but always leaves me with that Christmas feeling. Perhaps the fact that it was played on the radio quite often during my childhood Christmases makes it feel more special to me and remind me of the magic of Christmas when I was young.
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    Earlier today I was so obsessed with Adele I was ready to go out specifically to purchase said album. I decided that was silly though, so I settled for purchasing one of my favorites from iTunes instead. Ahh, impulses. A few months back I discovered my copy of Juliana Hatfield's "Only Everything" was scratched and was ready to run right out and get a new one and had to fight that impulse too.

    This time of year I like to go to a number of my favorite artist's websites to see if they have any free Christmas songs available, as often some do. Instead of finding Christmas songs this year, when I went to The Innocence Mission's site I found that they had a new EP out that had all new songs on it. They're one of the bands I get things from right away generally, so I was pretty excited and ordered it right away. It arrived today and I listened to it. It's nice, but 3 of the 8 tracks are instrumentals which don't do much for me. One of the other songs I was sure I knew as I recognized the tune and the lyrics. It wasn't a cover as the CD specifically said that it was written by them, so that wasn't it. I looked at the tracklisting of all their CDs and it wasn't on them, I thought maybe the name had been changed, so I listened to some of songs I hadn't in a while to see if they were dice. Finally, I dug through my old storage CDs, namely, CDs filled with MP3s I have taken off my hard drive at one time or another, as I specifically remembered having a folder somewhere called "Rare Innocence Mission". Voila! I found it. It must be from back when they had a free song a month on their website back in 2002 or so. It sounds exactly the same too, kinda weird. I am surprised I recognized it considering how long it had been since I had heard it!

    There was also a bunch of other stuff on there I was happy to find again. My hard drive used to be much smaller so I had to clean out my iTunes once every few months to make space, but now there's plenty of room to welcome them back, woo!

    The Innocence Mission - "A Thousand Miles"
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    Theme for today: Boats

  • Lucy Lee - "The Boat That I Row"
    You learn pretty quickly if you try to google Lucy Lee that it's also the name of a porn star. I assure you this is not the same person. Unfortunately, there's very little information about this Lucy Lee available. What I can tell you about her is that she released one album back in the late 90s and that she has a tongue-in-cheek classic country style. This song is no different and it's a lot of fun. I love it.

  • M. Ward - "Big Boat"
    M. Ward is a bit of an indie folk/rock darling these days, especially since releasing one of this years hottest indie albums with Zooey Deschanel as "She & Him". But he was making great songs long before Zooey joined him, and this shows off his skills quite well.

  • The Naysayer - "Jump Ship!"
    The Naysayer is folk singer Anna Padgett. She writes heartfelt yet silly folk songs. This song is both a bit silly and also brilliant. It's very well done, pretty, pertinent and adorable. The ship she's talking about is actually a Relationship Ship.

  • Dana Falconberry - "Paper Sailboat"
    She is a singer-songwriter from Austin, TX. This song is very pretty and features just her and an acoustic guitar. It's very understated, but that's what makes it so beautiful.

  • Devics - "My Beautiful Sinking Ship"
    As I was writing all this I have been trying to figure out how to describe Devics. The band they most remind me of is The Dresden Dolls, but at the same time I think Devics is a bit more understated than the Dresdens, they don't seem quite so "hard" or edgey. But they're both male-female duos who have a dark baroque/burlesque quality at times. But yet I tend to like Devics a lot more because they tend to lean towards the softer side of spook.
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    Today's Theme: Little Black Book
    From what I remember of this theme (I was reading SMM at this point but not participating) is that this was just songs that were women's names. I am not sure what other constraints there may have been, but I gave myself some. Namely, they have to be songs by men singing about women.

  • Leonard Cohen - "Suzanne"
    I think this song is sort of magical. Leonard Cohen is one of the all time great songwriters, and for once I actually agree with people who say it, not like some other artists that people say that about. This song in particular is my favorite of his. The truthfulness of his songwriting is what I love. Like Nick Cave, he writes things that some might find distastful, and includes the good and the bad of a story. It's not all roses and sunshine. This is a song about a girl who isn't perfect, but there's just something about her that makes her irresistible.

  • Ben Folds - "Kate"
    Ben Folds is always fun, and this is one of his more fun tracks. I love it just because it's just all about how cool a girl he barely knows is and how he wants to be like her. He says "Her mix tape's a masterpiece", that makes me want to be like Kate too. Kate was one of Ben's wives, they're no longer together, I was sorta pissed off at Ben for not making it work with someone as cool as the girl this song was worthy of.

  • Elvis Costello - "Veronica"
    There was a time that I didn't like Elvis Costello. I knew some people who adored him and I didn't understand why. Admittedly, I am not his #1 fan now or something, but I've heard enough to know that he's a hellova songwriter. I actually first heard this particular song of his when the lead singer of Spoon sang it on Veronica Mars. It's very catchy.

  • Low Millions - "Eleanor"
    This band is pop-rock, and this song has gotten airplay all over places. It's just a generally reallt catchy fun song. And to bring things full circle, the singer of the band is Leonard Cohen's son. They're quite different.

  • Jens Lekman - "Julie"
    Since I keep going on about Swedish stuff in these posts, I thought I might as well keep it up! Jens is a Swedish indie folk-pop singer-songwriter. He writes unconventionally, not unlike Stephen Merritt of The Magnetic Fields, but the way he writes is often touching and generally catchy and he makes me happy.
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    No, I didn't forget, though you probably did!

    Theme for the day: Cities
    I decided to go with just U.S. cities since there are so many. I'm also limiting it to 5 of my favorites in the category as the list could go on and on.

  • That Dog - "Minneapolis"
    This was the first song I thought of for the theme, and most certainly a must for me. The song is catchy, and rockin', but it also tells the sweet tale of meeting a boy at a concert, but not being able to be with him because of he lives in far away Minneapolis. You'll never be able to not sing that city's name again. You're welcome.

  • Cub - "New York City"
    This is most certainly a quintessential city song as it lists all the things that make NYC what it is. This is the same song that They Might Be Giants play, but this is the original. Cub is a female band that's sorta punk, but not angry punk, cute accessible punk, not sure what else to say about them.

  • Lucy Wainwright Roche - "Chicago"
    A very pretty folk-rock song by the youngest daughter of Loudon Wainwright III, the half-sister to Rufus and Martha. This is actually the only song I have by her, but I think it's quite nice. She has a much different voice and feel, much more innocent, than her sister.

  • Holly McNarland - "Dallas"
    I probably have posted this song before because I kinda love it. I like to play it loud and sing along. Holly is a Canadian singer-songwriter that has a really powerful voice and great lyrics. In this song she is angry with a lover who she believes has been unfaithful while away.

  • Denison Witmer - "Los Angeles"
    Frankly, I am not sure Los Angeles deserves to have such a pretty, delicate, acoustic folk song written about it. L.A. just seems too glossy, but admittedly, that is sort of what the song is about. Denison is from my area here, but has become pretty popular and respected in the folk music community lately, having toured with Rosie Thomas and Sufjan Stevens a few years ago.
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    Theme for today is My First:

    My first favorite song: Madonna - "Lucky Star"
    My first music memory is of crawling over the seats of our old station wagon at age 3 or 4 to get to the volume knob, proclaiming loudly to my mom that "I LOVE this song". Soon after my mom got me the single on 45" and I listened to it all the time. I couldn't read yet and so I never knew what side of the record the song was on and kept having to bug my mom to tell me. She finally got sick of it and drew a star on the side that had "Lucky Star" on it. Whenever I go through my old records and see the star drawn on it I smile because I remember that I couldn't read yet, but man did I love that song. Kinda funny.

    The First Album I Purchased With My Own Money: Debbie Gibson - "Foolish Beat"
    When I was little I had a few albums that my parents got for me because they knew I liked some songs from them, but I rarely listened to full albums. But I remember distinctly going into the Wall to Wall (they're now FYE) and having to sing the chorus of "Foolish Beat" to the clerk because I didn't know who sang it but I loved the song. I remember it was kind of a big deal since it stuck in my mind til now, so even then I knew I'd remember that it was "my first". I think it's pretty lame now, but at least I was showing interest in female singer-songwriters at an early age!

    My First CD: "Theme to Green Acres"
    I was one of those people who hated changes in technology when I was growing up. I didn't want my cassettes to be useless anymore and I railed against changing to CDs. But I had no choice, as my brother was a technology junkie and he suggested my parents get me a boom box that had a CD player in it for Christmas one year. With it, my parents gave me a gift certificate to, again, Wall to Wall (by that time just called "The Wall"). I should also mention, that this happened in early high school, before I "discovered" how good music can be and therefore had no major passion towards it. Thus, when I bought my first CD I bought a replacement for a tape I had had and lent to someone and they never gave it was "Television's Greatest Hits", a compilation of TV show themes from the 40s-60s. I went on in the years to come to buy 3 or 4 other versions of the same thing, so I am your go-to girl if you need TV show theme songs, oye.

    My First Concert: The Monkees - "(I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone"
    As I mentioned above, I was a late bloomer as far as music goes. So come 1996 I hadn't been to a concert of my choosing before. I had been to a few country shows to see my uncle play bass before, but I was there to see him and not the music, and I had been to musicals and some local symphony things, but never a rock show. Then we saw in the entertainment section of the newspaper that The Monkees were playing about 30min from where we live for their 30th Anniversary Tour. I had been a fan of Oldies growing up, as my parents had the Oldies station on in the car usually, and I watched reruns of The Monkees TV show when I was little and always loved them, though I didn't own any of their records. I chose this song in particular because my earliest memory of liking The Monkees is of a vacation our family took when I was 6 and we had a hotel room that had a patio out into a courtyard garden area at our hotel. In the garden there were (what I thought at the time were) really cool stepping stones crossing a small stream/fish pond and I remember singing this song as I jumped from stone to stone.
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    Okay, here's the deal. I am hitting the "Update Journal" button before midnight so it's still Sunday. Why? Because I have an idea.

    I have been wanting to share music here more often but had lacked the motivation or ideas...but I won't be participating at the other music blog this week so it leaves more time to do something with music here. What I've decided to do is to go back to SMM and look at the themes they used before I started to read it regularly. That adds up to 11 different themes, of which 7 of them I wish I had been around for as they sound fun. So instead, I shall make lists one a day, all this week, to share my contributions to those themes. To make it work, I have to start on Sunday, so I begin now.

    Theme 1: Days of the Week
    (Sendspace files)
    Seven days, 7 songs.

  • Leah Andreone - "Come Sunday Morning"
    Leah Andreone's debut album came out in the late 90s at the female rock boom (oh, the memories) and this is one of the first albums that got me into it. Her voice can be a bit annoyingly nasal at times, but the songs are stellar. This one is supposedly a tale of child molestation, pretty depressing considering the song rocks.

  • Tegan and Sara - "Monday Monday Monday"
    Of course, many of you reading this already know and love Tegan and Sara, but all the same, as far as Monday songs go, this one was a no brainer to pick. I could have gone with the classic Mamas and the Papas or even Manic Monday, but really, this is the one that I enjoy the most and feels the most "me".

  • Frida Hyvonen - "Today, Tuesday"
    Okay, I openly admit this is the only Tuesday song that is on my computer and therefore it was my first and only choice. But's a nice song, and Frida is Swedish and therefore cool. I am such a Swedeophile lately. She's a singer-songwriter that's generally a bit more obtuse and artistic than many straight-up folk rock singer-songwriters I usually go for. But plenty of mellow piano goodness.

  • Tori Amos - "Wednesday"
    It's Tori's Beatlesque song from her outstanding 2002 album "Scarlet's Walk". This song is just so fun, it's not really typical Tori by any means (though I am not sure what that'd entail anyway), but it is typical awesome.

  • HoneyHoney - "Thursday Night"
    Honeyhoney is a California-based folk-rock-country duo that had a song on a Paste Magazine sampler sometime this year and I liked enough to buy a few of their songs from iTunes. This song is both sweet and funny because the sentiment is that she wants to get laid. Gotta love it.

  • The Cure - "Friday, I'm In Love"
    The quintessential day of the week song? Perhaps. It might even be cliche to include it, but it's still a song I really enjoy and makes me nostaligic for the 80s. Any song that can bring a smile to my face definitely deserves to be included.

  • Rachel Ries - "Sad Saturday"
    Most Saturday songs are all about Saturday night and the fun and the parties and yadda yadda, it's nice to get another perspective on the day. Rachel Ries is a singer-songwriter and I've enjoyed everything I've heard by her (only a few songs) but unfortunately I don't know all that much about. But you can expect mellow acoustic folk/americana.
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    The show last night was really great. It would have been better had I got to share it with friends, but I can't complain. Unfortunately for me, though, it was really hot in the club and there was barely room to move an arm up to scratch your head had you wanted to...this led to me feeling light headed and since I have a history of fainting I got really worried, especially since I was there alone...and ended up having to lose my place in the crowd to go towards the back of the venue RIGHT before they came on stage...but it beats fainting.

    I ended up 3/4 the way back for most of the show, but the area was cooler and there was actually room to breathe and the people back there weren't quite as obnoxious/ in some ways I am sure I enjoyed it more because I was back there. They were attempting to do their new thing where they play a song from every album, but they fell short...they at least missed Factory Showroom from my calculations. But it was all worth it considering they played a Monopuff song and a song from Linnell's "State Songs". I was also really excited that they played "Dinner Bell" considering I had been singing it around the house all day's one of my favorites.

    Here's the setlist, which I took from because I couldn't remember all of them or the order they were in, but alas, I am not sure this setlist is right either since I know they played "Why Does The Sun Shine?" and that's not listed. They also followed WDTSS with their new version of it since they now know the facts in the song are wrong...the new version is called "The Sun is a Miasma of Incandescent Plasma".

    setlist )
    Today I was googling TMBG and happened to stumble upon this foreign blog that had a bunch of TMBG songs downloadable. A number of the songs aren't even TMBG but were probably listed as such on whatever program they downloaded them from, but there was one song I hadn't heard before but definitely is Linnell for those of you reading who are TMBG fans, where is the song below from?

    -Welcome To The Jungle
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    I haven't forgotten you guys as far as sharing music goes. I probably won't do it as often now that I am contributing to the themes over at the other blog, but I do hope that I will share some stuff here too when I have ideas.

    As many of you know, I love me some cover songs! I also really like female singers, so it's fitting that I end up collecting many songs that are covered by women. I was reading a blog post about the Chris Thile cover of The White Stripes "Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground" and it reminded me that Nina Persson does a really nice version of it, so then I decided to gather up all my covers of the White Stripes by ladies, and I ended up having a few, and enough worth sharing here. I like the White Stripes only okay. I have one of their albums, and a number of their songs on my playlist, but I would be hesitant to call myself a fan in the grand scheme of things. But I do really admire their songwriting, so when I hear someone else sing it, especially someone I love the voice of, like Nina, it really puts in perspective how great their music can be.

  • Nina Persson - "Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground"
  • KT Tunstall - "My Doorbell"
  • Bree Sharp - "We Are Gonna Be Friends"
  • Nikka Costa - "The Denial Twist"
  • Vyvienne Long - "Seven Nation Army"

    Bonus track: I think the Vyvienne Long version is so much better than this one, thus this is only a bonus for the sake of completeness. And no, I am not including the Joss Stone version of "Fell In Love With a Girl" because I am kinda sick of it.

  • Kate Nash - "Seven Nation Army"
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    I finally received my Juliana Hatfield album yesterday. I listened to it last night and I can't say I was too impressed. There were a few stand out tracks, but overall I'd say not even as many as on her last album, Made In China. The one really great thing about it is that I pre-ordered the version that came with a disc of demos from the sessions of making this album. The studio album only has 10 tracks, and not even all of them are on the demo CD, and the demo CD has 20 tracks. I like most of the demo versions of the tracks from the new album SO much better. I think it's mostly because I really enjoy the crunchy, laid back, casual Juliana, and the gloss of having some fancy producer just doesn't seem to suit her. I've heard some critics are saying it's her best work yet, but I can't say I agree in the least. It's not awful, but it's not the Juliana I love.

    Then today I was listening to my iTunes on random and Ben Folds Five's "Song For the Dumped" came on...and I should note, the version I keep on my iTunes is a demo version, and not the album version, and I thought "damn, this demo is way better than the album version too" then, of course I started to think "what other songs I like are like that?" I came up with a few, and yes, I realize my affinity for folk, acoustic and simple music is probably why I generally like demos better, but not always. So here are a few I came up with...

    Demos I like better than album-versions:

    Juliana Hatfield - "Shining On"
    The album version just sounds like "adult contemporary" blah to me, really. It's ok, but is a bit of a yawn. The demo is just much more light-hearted and simple, it reminds me a lot more of the Juliana I love.
    (album version)
    (demo version)

    Ben Folds Five - "Song For the Dumped"
    The demo is so much better for this song because the song is a song by a bitter boyfriend who's just been dumped, and as one would expect him to be, he's irate and throwing all kinds of things in her face...but the album version is too clean, too nice, too poppy somehow, the demo version definitely fills the bill better and makes you cheer the guy on more. The difference might only be one line, but the line packs the punch I think the song really needs somehow. My guess is the record label told them to clean it up a bit for the album. Lame.
    (album version)
    (demo version)

    Lisa Loeb - "Dance With The Angels"
    I was a huge fan of Lisa Loeb back in the day...obsessed with Tails, and I still love the album, but Lisa has been hit or miss since then unfortunately. BUT, her demo tape "The Purple Tape" was recently just released on CD and it's really great. Before her demo tape though, she was in a band in college with her roommate Liz Mitchell (now of the band Ida) and they recorded two demo albums together as Liz & Lisa. A number of the songs Lisa wrote with Liz she has since re-recorded for albums, including about half of Tails. But I was really disappointed when she put a new version of "Dance With the Angels" on "Firecracker", because it just can't hold a candle to the one she did in college.
    (album version)
    (demo version)

    Brandi Carlile - "Throw It All Away"
    Before Brandi released her self-titled album, she released an EP featuring some of the songs that would later appear on her first album. The EP was simply called "Acoustic" as it was recorded live and was all acoustic and very stripped down. For a while her song "Throw it all Away" from that EP was available for free on her website and that was my first taste of her. I was sorely disappointed when the album version wasn't nearly as powerful or beautiful as the heart-wrenching acoustic version, which I had loved so much that I played it repeatedly after I discovered it.
    (album version)
    (demo version)

    Jewel - "Love Me, Just Leave Me Alone"
    When Jewel's first album came out she was a breath of fresh air for most people. But a bunch of that first album was recorded live, and since then her albums have gotten more and more produced and taken away the charm of what that first album was. I liked her so much at the time that I bought bootleg CDs of live performances, TV performances or whatever the local store had (yes, this was before the internet). For a lot of the songs, the live versions were a lot better than her album ones, if only because they felt more real, and like she wasn't trying so hard...not to mention she did a lot more fun and/or goofy songs live too to get the crowd going. On one of these old bootlegs (from a 1996 performance) she performed a "new song" called "Love Me, Just Leave Me Alone" and I thought it was great, really fun. Then on her 2001 album "This Way" she did a studio recording of the same song and I really didn't care for it at all. Somehow when she played it live it lost it's charm and what was fun then just seemed contrived and awkward. It's not really a "demo" since it was live, but it WAS a version that pre-dated the album one, and therefore I think it counts.
    (album version)
    (live/demo version)
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    The theme this week over at Star Maker Machine is BRASS INSTRUMENTS. I am someone who's never taken a music appreciation class and never played an instrument herself, I can't even read can I tell one horn from another? Not very well. Trumpets are fairly easy to recognize though, but then again there's tons of horns that are less common but very similar to them that would probably throw me off. Regardless, at least I know a horn when I hear one!

    This theme was a bit more difficult than some since I don't exactly make note of what songs have horns and what do not, but some songs stick in your head because of their use of horns, especially modern songs, (namely rock and folk-rock type songs, which are my cup of tea) since they aren't so common. So here are some of my favorite songs that feature horns.

  • Katie Todd Band - "Tiger"
    This is the first song that came to mind when I saw the theme was horns. It's one of those songs that's a nice song in general, but is MADE because of it's use of horns. They aren't the main instrument (piano), but the little tune they create in the chorus makes the song stand out.

  • Cake - "Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps"
    When I think of bands who use horns often, Cake is definitely the first band that comes to mind since they have a trumpet player in the band. But not all their songs feature the trumpet, nor do some others feature it prominently, but this cover of (what I know to be a) Doris Day's song uses them well, and her version doesn't use horns like that, so it's definitely a cool interpretation.

  • Squirrel Nut Zippers - "Put A Lid On It"
    There's definitely a lot more older songs that use horn than more modern songs. The Squirrel Nut Zippers make oldtime music though, and this is my favorite song of theirs, and it has plenty of good horn usage. This is just a really fun song in that old big band type style.

  • Sarah Shannon - "Call Me On The Telephone"
    She was the lead singer of the 90s band Velocity Girl, whom I loved. Her solo stuff has a very different feel though and her first album (I've not heard her 2nd) featured horns on a number of songs, but this one definitely gets the prize as far as horn usage. It's nice.

  • The Cat Empire - "Sly"
    This song was on a Paste sampler a few months back and the only reason I even thought twice about it was because it was called "Sly" and it seemed to used the term like my friend Jeff does, to basically mean "cool". Since then it's definitely grown on me and I think it's a totally fun part, because of HORNS.
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    No, I didn't forget about my usual Sunday music share, but as it was, I thought I'd wait a day so I could do it at home and not take time away from Travis to do it at his place.

    Last week was the sun, this week...the moon.

  • The Swell Season - "The Moon"
    (This song is so beautiful it gives me chills sometimes. But then again, so do most of their songs. The Swell Season is Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, this past year's Oscar winners for best song, in case you weren't aware.)
  • Neko Case - "I Wish I Was The Moon"
    (This is probably my favorite Neko song, probably because it's one of her most melancholy and I am a sucker for a melancholy song.)
  • Belly - "Full Moon, Empty Heart"
    (I am not sure what to say about this one. I love Belly, and this song shows off a lot of the best things about them. The first half of the song starts a bit mysteriously, and slowly they work into a more rockin tune. I love how out there and unexplainable the things happening in their songs tend to be.)
  • The Mountain Goats - "Moon Over Goldsboro"
    (This is my favorite song from their "Get Lonely" album. Their music is great because of the storytelling qualities. You get a whole memory, or feeling, or event in a song. I am so glad he made the list of 100 Best Living Songwriters Paste put out a few years ago...well deserved.)
  • Nina Gordon - "Lighter On The Moon"
    (This is a song from her unreleased album "Even The Sunbeams" that she later posted some tracks from on her site for free for a while. This is probably my favorite track from that album. Pretty, mellow, and melodic.)
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